Printing Methods

  • Our processes

    We've got three secret weapons when it comes to printing. Once we're in the know about your project's details, we'll help you pick the best one of the bunch. We'll take into account things like quantities, deadlines, color combos, how much you're willing to spend, and what type of clothing you're jazzed about. Check out the chart below to see the lowdown on the pros and cons.

  • Direct to Garment

    Unlock the power of digital printing, a revolutionary technique that brings your designs to life on fabric. With its inkjet technology, this method ensures stunning colors and impeccable detail in prints ranging from 1 to 50 items. Say goodbye to expensive setup fees and long waiting times – our fast and convenient service has got you covered!

  • Screen printing

    Embrace the timeless art of screen printing, a method that predates your very existence. This technique reigns supreme when it comes to printing large orders of 50+ items, incorporating up to 6 captivating colors. Brace yourself for its remarkable durability and remarkable affordability. Just bear in mind that the setup might be time-consuming, resulting in occasional setup fees.

  • Vinyl transfer

    Vinyl is highly recommended for printing on synthetic fabric. It is particularly handy for unconventional placements like sleeves, shorts, and even underwear. When creating designs, it's best to consider whether they would make great stickers. Additionally, the application process typically involves applying one color at a time.

What's next? 

Kickstart the process by providing us with the details of your project!